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Battle High Mini Story Mia and Envy by Amadalia
Battle High Mini Story Mia and Envy

Cover art by :iconenvy4hearts:

:iconenvy4hearts: Envy Esther Uehara

Everyone else are mine
This is for my project icon Battle High Stories in order by Amadalia

Before we get started in our silly tail, I want to point out. This is just the start of the mini’s, I want little side tails away from the main story, something we can have fun with.

I do small short’s on my DA facebook page a lot, but this is for everyone. Oh and if you want to be part of this. Just make me a cover with whatever characters you want, or just tell me.. will see what we can do.. okay… now on with the silliness.

~~ Battle High Mini ~~

Staring Miasurre Moonsong and Envy Esther Uehara  “Envy for short”

It was a quiet day at Sojourn High, most the students were out for a training exercise and a few of the faculty remained.

Miasurre was roaming the halls, taking selfies of herself

Mia selfy Battle High by Amadalia

She giggles to herself as she does one after another, little did she know… trouble was literary around the corner.

~ Literary around the corner ~

Envy was chancing James Blackstone down the hall-ways; she was on all fours running like a crazy dog with her thong out. “This.. is not funny Envy… not at all” James screamed as he was knocking over trashcans trying to slow her down.

Envy leaps over them just like a dog would, howling all the while, she was just having fun.. maybe a bit to much..

James rounded the corner to see Mia was there, her back was to him. “Watch out!!!” James shouted, as Mia took another selfie, the click of the picture being taken was not the only noise in that hall-way, the crash of James and Mia to the floor and then to a trashcan soon followed. James thought to himself, “Why didn’t I leans to cut when I run like Jo told me..  sigh”

Envy stops and surveys the scene, it was a sight to behold “What the hell??” Envy stands up with her hands on her hips “HEY! You can’t do that type of thing here JAMES!!”

James, stunned for a moment looks down at the trash and Mia under him, she was knocked out “OHHHHHHHHH SHHHHIIIIIIIIIITTTT” he shouted. Envy covered her mouth at the language he just used. “You cussed!! You!!” Envy laughs “it seems you’re a real bot after all mister” Envy slows her speech as she notices the daughter of her home room teacher on the ground unconscious… if that wasn’t bad enough, she is also the daughter of the evil Vice-President Marshall.

Envy tries not to faint leaning on a locker. “look what you did James!” Envy started to turn and walk away

James leaps up grabbing her arm “oh no you don’t!, if it wasn’t for you… I would be at the training outing.. but nooo, you had to chase me like you always do”  James looked angry at Envy that was now fanning herself “whow.. that was kinda hot you yelling at me like that” James rolls his eyes at Envy “You got problems Envy” He turns to look at Mia on the ground.. he shivers at the thought of what Miss Moonsong will do.

Envy steps next to him tapping her chin “I say we lie” James looks over at her “Well…” James looked a little perplexed. “are you agreeing with me??” Envy jumps in the air for a cheer.

“No no.. we can’t..” James pouts.. Envy stops midway in the air “AWWWWWWW, but lying is fun” James looks at her puzzled “How the heck you doing that” Envy steps down “do what” tilting her head

James just shakes his head walking to Mia “we ned to take her to the nurse” he starts to grab her when Mia pops up, startling both James and Envy. “AHHH” James jumps back “You okay??” they both asked at the same time.

Mia stands up with a smile “I will be once you help me steal back my cookie jar” Both James and Envy fall to the ground at the crazy thing she just said.

“Wait.. for what?” James asked puzzled “you heard me, my cookie jar!” Mia said brushing off her clothes “now listen little girl, just because you’re the daughter of the teacher, does not mean we will steal for you, it’s against my beliefs” Envy turns her head away in a huff.

James looks shocked at what she just said “are you kidding me Envy??” James turns to speak to Mia when Envy interrupts throwing her arm around James neck “hahahaha yeah I so am”

Mia smiles “good, because I’d hate to tell my mom and dad what happened to there little girl” she said with puppy dog eyes . James wasn’t fooled by this act “No way! We have to tell the truth…” before he could go on, Envy opens a locker and pushes him inside “HEY!!” the door slams in James face

“Yeah, he will tell, but I’ll help you” Envy grins like a crazy person. Mia pushes her glasses up her nose and smiles “But won’t he tell later” Envy giggles “that’s for future Envy to worry about.. and this way, I know where I can find him later” The two girls skip off, leaving poor James in the locker. A small sigh can be heard from inside..

Mia tell’s Envy that her prized cookie jar was taken and she wants it back, only problem was who took it. Envy rolled up her sleeves ready to fight when Mia told her the bad news. It was her father Vice-President Marshall. Envy starts to walk to get to James wanting no part of this, she would rather face Miss Moonsong than Marshall.

Mia stops her and tell her she already has a plan and her father was off campus anyways. Evny thought for a moment and agreed far easier than Mia would have thought.

“so your really okay with this” Mia looked up at Envy “haha yes yes, it’s not even the first time I broke in there.. but at the time your dad wasn’t acting Principal” Envy smiles as she walks, not caring she just told Mia

Mia adjusts her glasses “so here is the plan, Mia pulls out a crude drawing “you go in through the skylight, it’s unlocked.. most don’t know that, but I overhear my dad say he sneaks out that was because his assistant that chubby girl spies on him for my mom”  She flips another drawing out “you don’t touch the floor, it has pressure plates, my cookie jar is right on his desk, so you will need to switch it with this” Mia flips around her long sleeves, to a gold statue.

“Ehhhhh.. I think he will notice this heavy  gold statue is not a cookie jar” Envy holds the heavy statue.  

Mia giggles “it needs to be heavy to compensate for the weight of the cookie jar”

Envy seems confused “just what do you have in it??” Mia pushes her outside “no time for all the questions.. we need to get this done before everyone comes back” Mia and Envy reach the main building where Marshall’s office is. Envy notices some ropes hidden in the bushes “is that climbing gear? And wait.. who were you going to get do this??” Envy talks while Mia puts the gear on her “No time, we must hurry”

The two use chi to zip up the side of the building “I have one more question” Envy wags her finger at Mia as she opens the sky light. “yes?” Mia said latching the rope

“Did you plan all this from the start” Envy stand firm. “you see I will not lie to you” Mia giggles as she pushes Envy though the open window, the rope made a loud pop as it reached it’s end right over Marshall’s desk. “HEY that was mean!! I wasn’t ready” Envy shouts up at Mia

“oh and I forgot,, watch out for Miser Chew Chew” Mia shouts

“Mister Chew Chew?” Envy thought as she sees a very large sleeping puma on top on a bookcase “What the??!?!” Envy freezes, wondering why the hell she agreed to this, and with all the noice they were making, why didn’t it wake up… and WHY IS THERE A JUNGLE CAT IN HERE?!?!?

Evny looks around to see the cookie jar, not on the desk but in the cats paws “ohh hell no, pull me up” Envy looks as Mia was gone “you little… I’ll get you for this” Envy starts to pull herself up as the robe brakes, causing her to crash on the desk “OH NO!” she spins to her feet

“hah no alarm,, what a little liar” she thought as she saw the cats eyes open, only armed with a gold statue, Envy bolted towards the door, the large cat jumped in front of her. The cats eyes were fixed on her. Envy could not help but be afraid, people she can handle.. wild house cats…. Nope

The cat licked it’s lips and leaped at Envy, in a panic the swings the gold statue and the cat gets sucked in “The hell?”

The door opens and Mia walks in “you did it!” Envy grabs Mia and pushes her to a wal; “What the hell was all this about??”

“ow ow ow, would you have come if I told you it was guarded by a giant spirit cat?” Mia smiles

Envy paused for a moment “so everything else was a lie?” Mia grins..

“well there was a alarm if you touched the floor, but I did manage to turn it off before the rope broke, I had to cut that just right” Mia didn’t seem to care if Envy got hurt

Envy let’s Mia down “you know.. you’re a sneaky little thing” Mia smiles pushing her glasses up her nose “yep everything went as planned… not a hitch” Mia grabs her cookie jar just as Marshall walks in

It seemed he wasn’t gone like she thought; the two girls froze in place… yeah… not a good thing for sure

~Hours later~

James, Envy and Mia sit on a bench just outside Marshall’s office as Miss Moonsong walks in. The three knew they were dead meat..

Miss Moonsong didn’t say a word at first she only sat in front of them and glared at them.

Mia raises her hand, Miss Moonsong darts her eyes and Miss slowly lowers it, it’s very clear she is angry. “You know, I don’t like what happened here today” she points at Envy and James “if Mia wasn’t here with you, I may have never seen you two again, my ex-husband has a tendency to make people disappear, but you were lucky” James tries to speak and it bonked on the head with flying chalk.

Miss Moonsong holds up a cookie jar “all this?? For a cookie jar??” She opens it “you know I hate you eating them” she reaches in to not find a single cookie but pictures and three hard drives

Mia looks down with a pout “yeah.. it’s family stuff… dad took them because I was obsessed with my brother.. I want to know” Miss Moonsong touched Mia’s cheek as the tears rolled down them  

She picks Mia up and turns away “you two, just go and don’t do this again” James and Envy run out the door, knowing they dodged a huge bullet.

Envy talked James pinning him to the ground “so now we have to find out what happened right?!?”

James just can’t catch a break…

Thank you for reading the first Battle High Mini, if you want to have a Mini done let me know

Here are the players in this story

Battle High Profile.008 Envia Uehara by Envy4hearts Simon Blackstone Battle High by Amadalia Mia Battle High Profile by Amadalia Sojourn High Faculty Template Miss Moonsong Update by Amadalia 


Dark Bankai VS Dark Flame by Amadalia
Dark Bankai VS Dark Flame
Art by the amazing :iconlarizsantos: 

This is the epic fight with Hollowed Amadalia Moonsong and Blaze Kagayaku 

This pictured is based on
 :iconblazekagayaku:  amazing Dark Flame form

Amadalia's hollow form is based off this picture
Amadalia Moonsong (Enjoy your last view) by Amadalia

Lariz wanted to make her in her Bankai form to keep up with the crazy powerful Blaze.

I hope you all love this picture



I finally I have some free time, so I'm going to start posting chapters again with a catch up chapter to start. Starting next week. First will be the catch up chapter, the mini story, then the Halloween story then back to the big main chapters. I'm sorry for such a long break in between.

The selfie context ends on Halloween night. So if you have a entry better hurry.

Hey everyone, if you want to join the contest please let me know. I already have a few entries, but I want to know if your going to join.

Remember the contest ends on Halloween night. So you still have a bit of time.

Old Update

Howdy Ya'll

I'm going to announce the contest now. I know it's summer and people are gone and whatever, but for you few that stick around. Here is the contest

selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. Selfies are often shared on social networking services such as FacebookInstagramSnapchat, and Tumblr. They are often casual, and are typically taken either with a camera held at arm's length or in a mirror."
I copied that off a Wiki page teehee

We all have done selfie with our phone.. don't lie we all done it. So the idea of this contest is your OC doing a selfies! 

Amadalia Moonsong -Phone ID- by AmadaliaMia selfy Battle High by Amadalia

I have my Bleach Ama and my Battle High Mia doing two different types of selfies

Okay here are the rules

1. It has to be a original picture of your OC or someone else's done by you. NOT GRABBING ONE FROM SOMEWHERE

2. The character can be doing any type of selfie as long as it's tasteful. Sexy is fine, but don't go overboard.

3. You can enter more than one picture if you like.

4. The contest ends Halloween night when I will announce the winners and the next contest. 

5. Submit your entry here "in this journal" Just link me to your picture

Okay let's talk about prizes

First prize is a Renji I found when I was in Japan. 
Renji contest prize by Amadalia
He is safe at my house in Texas. He needs a better home than that. If you win him and are overseas. I can get him to you, just may take some time to get to you :)

Second prize is a years membership to DA as well as some points or a picture done "don't worry, I have a artist ready"

As of right now there is no third prize, but there can be two second place winners :)

Last thing, if you would like to judge this contest, please note me. I don't judge my own contest's because I want this to be fair. The more judges the better

Okay that's all for now
Good luck


I finally I have some free time, so I'm going to start posting chapters again with a catch up chapter to start. Starting next week. First will be the catch up chapter, the mini story, then the Halloween story then back to the big main chapters. I'm sorry for such a long break in between.

The selfie context ends on Halloween night. So if you have a entry better hurry.


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New Contest sign up. need at least 10. comment if you want to join 

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