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Chapter 5 (The Long Road) by Amadalia Chapter 5 (The Long Road) by Amadalia
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Chapter 4

Chapter 6

Oh man, sorry this took so long. I had so many delays this time. I stayed up the last two nights in my freetime to write this for you guys. I will not take this long again to write a chapter. I just hope it's not to boring, This is just following the RP we did with a few changes.

In a few chapters we will see Ser'noth.. and for you who know a bit about her. She is bad news..

Please give me your feedback what you think. And if there is anything you want me to change up. like it's to slow, not enought fights etc etc

I didn't go back and give this a super edit, so I hope it's still ok.

CHAPER 5 The Long Road

As Naru led the way up the hill to their destination, Masuyo couldn’t stop worrying about Amadalia.

“I can’t wait to see Shin again! It’s been sooo long. I think you’ll really like him. He’s really nice and when he’s not growl rawr!” She giggled putting her hands in front of her with her fingers curled forward. Masuyo kept her eyes on her feet, only barely paying attention. Naru glanced back at Masu’s lack of response.

“Aww! Masuyo don’t be sad. Ms. Ama will be just fine. Don’t you worry!” She assured her, clamping her hands together. Masuyo looked up at her attempting a smile.

“If you say so..” She sighed. “Wait! Who is Shin?” Masuyo asked

Naru just turns with a large goofy smile leaning forward with what looks to be a dance step as she spoke “oh oh oh just you wait. He is all ROWR” Naru giggled again and continued walking.

Masuyo still can’t get over that Naru looks just like Ama, but full of happiness and joy almost to a sickening degree. She doesn’t seem to care about a thing. The fact that she can’t get an answer out of Naru is the only thing Ama has in common with her Mod Soul.

The thought of Ama just sitting there –Frozen- would not leave her mind. Her friend feels lost to her, she only has the ribbon. Masuyo looks down at the ribbon still in her hand. The fabric feels odd to the touch. It does not feel like it did before, almost like its lost energy like.
Masuyo rolls the ribbon around in her hand and see’s the symbol she saw before when she was helping Ama take it off.

“What is this symbol?” Masuyo places her finger on it. The symbol reacts to her touch.

Naru notices Masuyo and turns around to walk back to her with a smile.
“Masuyo, you should not play with that so much. It’s only going to make you sad” Naru makes a pouty face.

Masuyo looks up at the pout Naru has and can’t help from laugh a little. Seems Naru did what she wanted, she made Masuyo smile, even if it was for a moment.

The sun begins to set as they continue through the thick trees, Masuyo sees a dark figure watching them from behind a tree but it disappears as fast as she noticed it. “Did I just see someone?” She thought. “I didn’t sense a thing, must be my imagination” She shook her head.

As it got darker they could see the clouds start to roll in. Naru licked her finger and pointed it up.
Masuyo walked next to her looking at her finger in the air. “What? Can you tell it’s going to rain or something?” Masuyo asked Naru questionably.

Naru smiled and said only one word. “Nope” Masuyo’s face turned to a frown. “Then why did you do that, like you knew what you were doing?!?” Masuyo yelled waving her hands about.
Naru smiled again in that same goofy look “because I saw it on TV” Masuyo slapped her forehead in discussed to the simple answer Naru just gave her.

“This is not the time to play around, you know where you’re going right?!?!” Masuyo said in a commanding tone.

“Yes yes yes, like I said before Miss poopy mood. I’ve been this way a few times” Naru said wagging her finger though the air, trying to be sassy.

“Wait” Masuyo glared at Naru. “You said before you been this way 100’s of times, now it’s a few?” she darted her head forward and raising her eyebrows questionably.

Naru leans her head back “did I?” tapping her finger on her chin.

Masuyo was about to get angry when the air started to get colder and she could feel a few raindrops hit her body. “oh no! it’s going to rain on us out here! We need to find shelter Naru!” Masuyo said in a near panic.

Naru places her backpack on the ground and pulls out a bright yellow raincoat. “See! I came prepared!” Naru laughs

“Naru.. you only have one” Masuyo said calmly placing her fingers on her nose while squinting her eyes clearly trying not to lose her cool.

Just then the rain started to pour down, leaving them no choice but to try and find shelter quickly.
Naru told Masuyo they were near the base of the mountain and she knew of a cave further up. They would indeed need to run, leaving them soaked either way. Masuyo didn’t like that idea of running in the rain. Picking up Naru and flashstepping, the whole while Naru pointing the way through the hard rain.

Masuyo sped up the mountain, but with the darkness and the rain, she had no choice but to stop and let Naru find the cave on foot. After some time of looking, Naru found the cave.

“HAH found it!!” she cheered for a moment before Masuyo rushed her in.

“ohhh it’s so cold in here Naru” Masuyo was freezing being drenched in the icy cold rain. For all that rushing up the mountain, it ended up not mattering one bit.

“Don’t worry I came prepared remember!” Naru smiled as she took off her backpack.

Naru rummaged through her backpack a moment before pulling a flashlight. “Here we go” she giggled. Clicking on the flashlight; right into a bears face.

Masuyo gasped in shock for a moment before drew her zanpakuto. Pushing Naru to the side quickly, while accidently knocking her to the ground.

“I’m sorry bear, but it’s you are us” Masuyo stood waiting on the bear to attack.

The bear tilts it head and charges the intruders in its cave.

Masuyo leaps at the bear pointing her zanpakuto to the bear’s heart, wanting to make a clean kill and not to make the bear suffer. Just as soon as she reached the bear it vanished. “What? Was that a flashstep?”

In Masuyo surprise, the bear was now behind her striking the back of her head with it’s large paw. The speed of the bear was astounding. She had no time to block it, sending Masuyo crashing into the hard rock floor of the cave: knocking her unconscious.

Masuyo awoke looking at Naru kneeling over her, in shock she raised up on one arm.
“Oh dang.. my head” Masuyo felt dizzy as she laid back down.

“Oh goodness Masuyo” Naru said placing her hands on her shoulders.

“You have to stay still for a little bit, you took a bonk on your noodle” Naru pulled the blanket back over Masuyo.

Masuyo know realizes that Naru must have cleaned her up and placed her somewhere in the cave, she notices that there is a fire build now. She can’t see much else in the cave because Naru is hovering over her.

“Naru, what happened to the bear?” Masuyo places her hand on her head with a sigh.

“Oh you mean him?” Naru moves to the side and Masuyo can now see the large Black bear laying by the fire.

Masuyo reached for her Zanpakuto, but see’s that Naru placed it by her uniform on the far wall behind the bear..

Naru holds up her hands “Wait wait wait.. sheesh. Your all crazy.. you.. hum.. crazy person, you can see he is not even moving” Naru pointed at the bear.

“You need to settle down, we are in his cave after all, I just forgot to say the password” it’s clear from Naru’s face, she still forgot it.

Masuyo stared at the bear but its eyes were still closed as it head rose slowly.

Naru went on to tell Masuyo the bear was the guardian of the mountain pass, and that she knew the bear would not hard them as long as they didn’t attack further. She went on to tell Masuyo that the bear will not let them pass without permission.

“Naru? I know from fighting this bear, that he is special, but come on.. it’s still just a animal. How does it know who to let by and who not to?” Masuyo said with disbelief in her voice.

“Because… I can have a conversation with you girl.” The bear spoke in a deep growling voice.

Masuyo’s eyes widen as she jumped up again slamming to the far side of the cave wall in shock. Naru followed behind her holding up a blanket. “oh goodness, your showing your girl parts, you’re going to get all cold” Naru whips the blanket around Masuyo in a flash –yeah I made that joke-

“That.. that bear just spoke!” Masuyo was clearly surprised and forgetting she just flashed everyone.

Naru helped Masuyo back down to the cave floor near the fire, the whole while sitting next to her with a smile.

“I was trying to tell you before about him, but your mind was off in la la land” Naru waved her hand in front of Masuyo face. “Stop that Naru” Masuyo snapped out of it grabbing Naru’s hands out of her face.

The bear tilts its head to the side, its eyes still closed as it speaks “so, what is the reason you’re on my mountain little one” the bear said softly but still in that deep growling voice.

Masuyo made a face at being called little one, but she spoke up anyways “I was sent here by my friend, for.. “ Masuyo pauses, thinking of Amadalia. “well, it’s for a personal reason” Masuyo spoke up with some tone in her voice.

The bear lowers its head and spoke softly once again “no”

Masuyo’s eyes light up in protest “What the hell you mean no? You can’t just say no! My friend Amadalia is stuck out in the woods, frozen or something.. And you just say no! I demand.”

Before Masuyo could say another word the bear was in her face, the deep roaring voice could be heard echoing throughout the cave.

“You DEMAND nothing! You spoke a name that you should not know here. Her name is not to be spoken here till it’s time. The fact that you’re here without her means you’re one of the –Ven- and for that your death will be quick” The bear leans on Masuyo showing its teeth. She knew she was in trouble.

Naru jumped in the bears back grabbing its nose and pulling back “HURRY, Show him the ribbon!!” Naru shouted as she is tossed away like a paper doll.

Masuyo leaps up and placed her foot directly on the bear’s head leaping over it and grabbing her uniform with the ribbon in it. Masuyo quickly pulled out the ribbon and threw it at the bear.

“Here!! damn!!” Masuyo grabbed her Zanpakuto and drawing it quickly.

The bear sniffs the ribbon and sits down “why didn’t you show me this from the start?” Masuyo looks over at Naru with a cold stare. Naru pulls herself off the floor where she was tossed and smiles “ops”

A few minutes pass as Masuyo tells the bear the whole story of how she got there, everything from her inner hollow to the strange power Amadalia used on her to help her, ending with Amadalia being frozen in her current state.

“I see, then we will rest here for tonight and I will take you up the mountain in the morning” the bear growls in his deep voice. Placing his head on the ground to sleep, the sound of the rain and thunder can still be heard outside.

Masuyo sits with her legs folded looking at the ribbon, while Naru is all sprawled out sleeping with her mouth open. “this is to much, I don’t understand what’s going on.. and this bear.. really?!? A bear?” Masuyo sighs and lays down, looking up at the ceiling of the cave. The fire was still going quite well, so the shadows danced around on the ceiling.
Masuyo mind danced around with the shadows, the visions of what may happen if she lets her inner hollow take over.. this frightened her.

She thought about the snake man that Ama killed on the train, and how she called him a arrancar, but only his zanpakuto changed. He couldn’t have been a arrancar, when they use their powers in that way, there body changes not just there zanpakuto. Masuyo thought back and realized. “Wait! There was a flash when he called on his power.. what is the connection there?” Masuyo thought about her path there for an hour, her mind would not let her sleep.

Masuyo’s back was hurting so she stood up to walk around the cave, she had no idea how Naru was sleeping so well. Masuyo walked to the back of the cave when she slipped on a loose rock and placed her hand on the cave wall to catch her footing when the rock started to slide down beneath her hand. This would have a very load noise so she grabbed the huge rock before it fell and placed it on the ground. This is when she noticed there was something behind it. She could hardly make it out, but it looked like something was hidden here. So Masuyo used a small kido to light up the area.
She moves her hand in the opening, the soft blue glow from the kido was more than enough to see what was there. Masuyo eyes widened as she saw what looked to be an older shinigami uniform and a Zanpakuto leaning on the wall next to it. There was a plaque next to it, but it was covered with dust. As Masuyo reached for the plaque to wipe away the dust she heard a voice from behind her.

“It’s not nice to go through peoples belongings” the soft growling voice of the bear rippled though her body as she knew she was caught redheaded.

Masuyo turns around quickly “It’s not that I meant to be nosey, I just saw something here..” Masuyo talked in circles till the bear cut her off. “It’s fine little one” Masuyo sneered that being called little one again, but she felt she was in no position to argue it.

“You just saw something you shouldn’t have, so forget it ok?” the bear turned to go back to the fire. Masuyo walked passed him to cut him off “Tell me, how do you know Ama and who are the –Ven- you spoke of?” Masuyo had a determined look on her face.

The bears eyes open slightly for a moment, a bright blue glow can be seen from them as he opened them and then closing them just a suddenly. “You must rest, your body and soul are at war. The effects of what Amadalia did for you will wear off soon, the more you excerpt yourself the faster you will lose control.” The bear walks passed Masuyo without answering a single question and lays down once again.

Masuyo hates it when people don’t answer her questions, but she knew he was right. The questions can wait.

Morning came and the three exit the cave, Naru was in the lead. “YAY what a wonderful day!!” Naru dances around in such joy, it’s almost like she forgot how dire this is.

As they traveled up the mountain pass Masuyo can help from wonder why she can’t feel anything on top of the mountain. There should be some faint spirit pressure at least.
Naru just skips as the bear now leads the way, Masuyo is starting to feel uneasy about this.. it feels like nothingness on the top of this mountain for her.

Masuyo stops “Wait..something is not right here” Masuyo clutches her hands together worried.

Naru and the bear turn around. The bear tells Naru to walk a little ahead and that they will meet up with her shortly.

“What your feeling is a lack of anything right? Don’t worry, it will all make since soon enough” The bear said as he bumped Masuyo on the leg with his nose. Masuyo placed her hand on the bears back as they walked together up the mountain pass. They meet up with Naru which was drawing in the dirt with a stick.

Masuyo’s eyes widen as she saw what Naru was drawing. “Naru!! Good God, is that a –CENCERED- You can be doing this type of thing, is anyone saw you drawing that huge –CENCERED- with that –CENCERED- and –CENCERED- people would freak out!!” –Masuyo kicked the drawing with her foot erasing it. “Hey! That was a good –CENCERED- what you spoiling my fun?” Naru jumped up and down.

The bear chuckled as he kiap on walking. Masuyo glared at Naru the rest of the way till they reached what looks to be an old gate. The gate itself could not keep anyone out; it was barely standing and looked 100 years old.

“Why are we stopping here?” Masuyo ask while she walked to the gate and placed her hand on it.

“STOP!!” an old man’s voice could be heard from somewhere nearby. Masuyo stopped her hand right before she touched the gate.
Masuyo seemed very puzzled; Naru and the bear were just standing there, not saying a word, like they were waiting on something.
A man wearing an old robe walked out, she shuffled kicking up dust as he walked to the gate, and Masuyo could not see his face to well.

The old man points his finger at the bear ignoring everyone else. “Shin damnit.. why are you brining people to my gate?? EHHH?? EHHHHH?” he shouted

Masuyo turns her head around to look at the bear “you’re Shin? The way Naru spoke of you.. I mean..” Masuyo didn’t seem to understand why Naru would call him hot.. he is a bear?!

The bear now known as Shin walks to the gate “she has the ribbon and her mod Soul. Let her in” he said calmly

The old man asked to see the ribbon, Masuyo holds it out, but not close enough for him to grab it.

“Well.. Shin.. I’ll let you and this girl pass but the mod soul stays behind” The old man said clicking the lock on the gate.

“AWWW I have to stay back? That bull-lon-E!!” Naru pouted stomping her foot on the ground.

Masuyo agreed as she started to pass thought the gate, but was stopped by the old man. “all Mod Souls, even the one you been keeping in your pocket” he pointed at Masuyo.

Masuyo was shocked he knew she was still carrying Lilly, guess this old man is sharper than he looks. Masuyo grabs the soul pill and tosses it to Naru “Keep her safe Naru”

Naru smiles and salutes Masuyo but not before doing the PONPONPON dance, then runs back down the mountain yelling “WHEEEEEEEEEEE” Masuyo’s confidents in Naru is shaken.

As Masuyo passes through the gate and she is bombarded with spiritual pressure, so much in fact she almost faint falling to one knee.
Shin walks behind her nudging her with his nose “you ok? It’s the Sekkiseki rocks that keep all the spiritual pressure concealed up here; once you pass that gate it hits you all at once.” Masuyo stands and takes two steps before she falls to the ground unconscious.

The old man laughs “well, guess it was a little to much for someone her level”

Shin walks beside Masuyo on the ground “well damn, guess I have to carry her now” A dark red glow surrounds the bear as smoke whirls around him. In a flash, the bear changes into a man.
-Here is a picture of Shin, just so you know what he looks like now-

Shin picks up Masuyo and starts up the path.


-Hours Later

Masuyo slowly opens her eyes sitting up out of bed. “wha…?” she mumbled looking around the strange dark room. The room was mostly empty except for a single table with one lite candle sitting on it. She could see it was night time already through the older wooden planks on the wall, she was out most the day. “Damn that spiritual pressure was overpowering.

Masuyo stood out of bed when she noticed a collar, not unlike the ones prisoners in the Soul Society have to suppress there spiritual pressure. She pulls at the collar with no avail; she knew it would not come off so easy. Now she is worried. She noticed that her Zanpakuto was still with her. Didn’t seem they cared about taking it away.. Odd..

Masuyo takes the candle in the next room seeing that it’s empty as well; she sees a door leading out. She pushes it open, she didn’t want to just barge out the door. Instead she took a peek out. There was a courtyard, it could not have been very large, but it did have a circle of rocks in the middle. Also there were two large touches lite out there for light.

Masuyo waits for a moment before pushing the door open all the way, but was cut off by the sound of voices. She paused and waited, the voices were getting close.

Moments later what looked to be at least 6 people carrying the frozen Amadalia placed her in the middle of the courtyard. The people range from all ages and sex. They all had one thing in common; they all had fox masks on. Who were they hiding their faces from? “It couldn’t be me? Could it?” Masuyo thought.

A few minutes passes and it seemed they were all waiting on something, till a old man with not a hair on his head except two very large bushy eyebrow’s walking with a cane walked to them. His face was not covered with a mask, seemed he didn’t care.

Masuyo watched as they drew there Zanpakuto’s and circled the old man and the frozen Amadalia. The old man was greeted by a tall dark haired man, his eyes were closed for some reason. He also didn’t have a fox mask on. “Master Lo” the dark haired man bowed to him.

“Shin” The old man know known as Master Lo muttered to the dark haired man.

“SHIN!!” Masuyo almost shouted.. “Holy crap, he was a bear.. not he is…” Masuyo blushes slightly, before regaining her composure.

Masuyo watched on as the man called Master Lo walked to Amadalia and placed his hands on head. “Be ready” he utters in a raspy voice. The others surrounding them all shouted their readiness. Masuyo had no idea what was about to happen as she looked on.

She looked on as Master Lo closed his eyes and suddenly Amadalia was awakened, almost fully hollowed by the power she took from Masuyo. She screamed in rage as she lunged at Lo, before she got too far the others pinned her to the ground in a flash. She screams and flailed around to no avail. Master Lo places his hands on her head and pushes his fingers into her mask, ripping it off. The burst of energy blows the door shut in Masuyo’s face throwing her to the far wall with incredible force.

Masuyo shook her head and got up quickly and ran out the door, she didn’t care who saw her at this point. Once she steps out she sees Ama back to normal on her knees with her head tilted forward looking down. “Ama” she cried out.

Shin walks to Masuyo and places his hand on her shoulder. “I knew you were watching, but you need to be quit ok?” Shin smiled at Masuyo.

Masuyo wanted to look at Shin, but her eyes would not break away from Ama, she was too worried about her friend right now.

Master Lo was still standing in front of Amadalia, the others now backed away, they were motionless as they looked on. He leans down to place his arms around her and lifts her to her feet. “We knew everything that happened, we know you used your power.. That power that is forbidden; till the last days.. What do you have to say for yourself?” he stood no more than 4.9 to the 6 foot Amadalia, but it was clear she was shamed at this moment.

Amadalia raised her head to meet his gaze “I did what needed to be done to save my friend, I don’t regret it Master.. But I know what I did was forbidden. I jeopardized my mission.. And our plans..” Amadalia not stood up straight, waiting for Master Lo’s judgment.

The little man hits his cane on the ground and the others vanish, Shin pushes Masuyo back in the little house. “Wait, what’s about to happen?” Masuyo shouted as Shin closed the door behind them. “it’s a test, and you don’t want to see.. trust me” Shin said to Masuyo as she pushed passed him to peek once again out the door. “like hell I will miss anything Shin”

Amadalia walks a few feet away from Master Lo and lowered her stance. Her eyes are focused on him. “You pass, she gets help, you fail…” Master Lo says in that raspy voice being cut off my Amadalia “I’ll not fail”

Master Lo hits his cane on the ground again and a barrier rises around them.
“Come at me Amadalia Moonsong” he said with no expression on his pace what so ever.

Amadalia steps in with only her fists. “Oh no, Ama doesn’t even have her Zanpakuto! How can she just fight him like this? He has a weapon, I can’t even feel any spiritual pressure right now, and I can tell that’s not just a cane” Masuyo pulled on Shin. Shin smiles, you don’t know your friend as much as you think. When she was here, she didn’t train with a sword.. she train in hand to hand.. she trained in Hakuda!” Shin laughed

Masuyo watched on as Amadalia attacked Master Lo with blinding speed; She has never seen Amadalia use this style to this degree before. He blows here like blurs, her hands and feet working as one to strike in a sea of attacks. Even through with this speed, she still didn’t hands a hit.

She continued this way for 5 minutes nonstop until Master Lo landed a hit if his known hitting Amadalia through the barrio and crashing through the trees behind the house.

“ON MY GOD! Did he just kill her; she just shattered that barrier with her body!” Masuyo gasped.

Shin Laughed again “for a girl who can see, your eyes need focus” Masuyo glared at Shin “What the hell does that mean you jerk” Masuyo grabs Shin’s shirt

“Hey hey, don’t hurt me little one, I’m just saying that Amadalia broke the barrier herself, she knows she can’t take Master Lo in close quarters like that. She used his own power to break the barrier.” Shin moved outside the house with Masuyo

Masuyo sees Amadalia and Master Lo fighting by a nearby stream. This time Ama is using her speed and double step to try and land a hit. Masuyo is a little stunned by Amadalia right now, this style of fighting was crazy ageist a person with a weapon.

Shin leans down to point at the sparks coming from Amadalia’s hands. “See that”
Masuyo looks closely “the speaks, so what.. wait! Why is there sparks coming from Ama’s hands when Master Lo blocks an attack?”

“It’s because the hand wraps that she uses are not just for show, they are much like the ribbon around her neck, but with them, she channels spiritual pressure in them to cause them to be used as a weapon. It’s quite a combo she has there.. if only she would use that in her Ban.. never mind” Shin rubs his head and laughs

The battle continued for about 15 minutes till finally Amadalia landed a grazing hit on Master Lo’s hand. Master Lo smiled and they stopped. “Good, you have been training. I will let you pass today.” He said and he started to walk back to the circle with Amadalia.

Amadalia was out of breath, it was clear she put a lot of power into that fight, with only a slight hit to Master Lo. Masuyo run to Ama wraping her arms around her. “I’m so glade your ok” Amadalia placed her hand on Masuyo’s head. “I told you that you would be fine, I’m sorry I could not get you here myself” Amadalia placed her arms around Masuyo.

Shin smiles and runs to Amadalia and Masuyo “Thank God your ok Moonsong!!” he runs in for a hug, but is stopped by a foot in the crotch; placing him on the ground. “aughhh” Shin moaned.

Amadalia glared at Shin. “Big help you were you damn bear” Ama sneered at Shin.

“ugh.. but I got her here didn’t I?..oh my man parts are wounded.. can you kiss them” Shin smiled with a wise ass smile.

Amadalia eyes widened in rage and she kicked him into the trees “be gone you!” she growled. The sound of snapping limps from the trees can be heard getting further away.

Amadalia looks at Masuyo right in her eyes “all joking aside, tomorrow you start your training.. we have a long road ahead of us, and if you fail Masu.. you will die” Amadalia said with a very serious look on her face.

To be continued in Chapter 6


Now a preview to Chapter 6. You people voted on who the character would be in a poll and you voted Ser’noth Teufel Espada Number 3.

She has yet to make an appearance in the fanfic, but a lot of you know her already. So here she is.. good luck..

The stage with the dark red curtains can be seen like before but this time, nobody is on stage.
A few minutes pass and Miasurre poked her head out of the curtains.

“Hi there everyone” she does a little curtsy

“I don’t know where this person is that’s support to be here giving the preview, but it’s super rude of them not to show up. I mean really what the heck?” Flinging her super long sleeves in the air.

“Some people can just be so thoughtless” Mia continues to talk trash while the curtains open and Ser’noth steps out looking down at her.

“If it was me you picked I would have already given you the…” Mia looks behind her at the Espada glaring down at her. Mia’s face turns black as she turns around “Yeah, so.. like I was saying, it’s sure nice to have this pretty lady” Mia screams off stage in fear.

Ser’noth does not say a word as Mia runs away, only stands there with her arms crossed.

A few minutes pass before Ser’noth speaks. “My first appearance in the story is this damn preview!” she shouts, clearly angry.

Ser’noth glares “ok fine. I’ll tell you the future, The people in this story are all going to be crushed under my boot. There spins will crack; there bones will decorate my throne. How is that for a preview!!” Ser’noth charges a Cero in each hand. “ENOUGH of this foolishness” Ser’noth leaps in the air shooting both Cero blasts into the stage.

Hours Later..

Miasurre walks out trying to watch her step over what’s left of the stage.
“See what happens when you don’t like a cute character do the preview? You get a messed up stage” Mia pushes her glasses up her nose.

“Next time vote for a cute character not a maniac” darts her head side to side. “I hope she didn’t hear that” Mia runs away
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Andrew: I don't like the guy, but poor Shin, I know his pain well. *rubs his man parts* also my my what was with all the censoring? *smirks*
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as for what that anoying Naru's drawing, she's starting to piss me of a little too, i believe she drew a man his,... where Amadalia kicked Shin,... correct?
and now we still don't know what happens next, except that a long time in the future, Ser'noth wants to crush everyone under her boot
looking forward to chapter six, (as well as the chapter Atlas appears in, whichever chapter that might be)
good luck with future chapters, these are awesome
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I was so sorried that it was to slow. but sometimes a journey can be just as fun. I wanted to tell a little bit at the end with Ama's fight how she can use her powers in another way and also tell you that Master Lo is a monster haha.

I'm happy you liked it dear. Thank you for the feedback. I hope I keep ya reading my Chapters
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